Curly Conversion

When I was a child, my hair was poker-straight.  With the birth of my first child, it miraculously became wavy, and frankly,  I didn’t know how to style it.  So, I invested in a straightening iron that smoothed things out in a way that I could manage and was comfortable.

Then, along came my second child, and because I was straightening my hair every day, I didn’t pay too much attention to how curly my hair was becoming. I saw it as more of a challenge to style.

Fast forward 16 years of straightening my hair, and also meeting my husband, Scott.  One morning, he simply asked me why I bother straightening my hair when it looks so pretty when I leave it curly?

Wait. What?

So, upon his suggestion, I stopped straightening my hair and tried to find a way to just let it be. Turns out styling curly hair is a whole other thing itself, and it took me awhile to find a hair stylist who could help me tame it!  But, I did, and her name is Holly Hampton. She’s a matter-of-fact woman, with a great sense of humor. She tells me exactly what she thinks, and offers suggestions for  improvements to the way I style my hair, or great products.  My newest favorite hair ‘fix’ is Motion Potion, it’s a curl enhancer and frizz control product.  I have nicknamed it Motion Potion, since it works like magic!

Holly is located in Broomfield in a great little salon called Salon Tao. You might like to check her out – tell her that her a curly-headed Realtor sent you!

By: Marie Callaway, Realtor & CEO of Callaway Group Real Estate

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