Fall Tradition ~ Greta’s Green Chilies

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The Callaway Group team is always finding fun ways to celebrate the season.  Greta Maurer, Callaway Group Photographer and Marketing Designer, finds the Fall season full of tradition with her family.  Here’s Greta’s favorite Fall tradition:

“Fall brings green chilis.  I have always found the Farmer’s Market to be a great spot for fresh green chilies.  Every time I smell the fresh roasted green chilis I am delighted. The bright green chilies sizzle and pop as they tumble around the roasting drum.

 I usually get a 1/2 bushel of two different kinds (mild/med and hot).  When I return home, I peel and seed the chilies, stacking approximately 5-8, place them in quart freezer ziploc bags and then put them up in the freezer, yielding approximately 12-15 bags.  (Note: I always wear disposable surgical gloves to keep the oils from permeating my hands.  I’ve gone without gloves just once, and it is uncomfortable especially when you rub your eyes. Don’t do that!).

 You can’t beat the convenience of pulling out your ready-to-go chilies throughout the year, just chop up and put into your favorite green chili recipe.  My favorite recipe is  called San Luis Green Chili Soup from Creme de Colorado Cookbook, published by the Junior League of Denver. There is just nothing like the smell of fresh, roasted green chilies which I can enjoy year round!”

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